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    You have to reboot after installing software? I haven't had to do that since Win95...maybe 98. Get a new OS, man. WinNT, 2k, or XP if you want to stick with MS.

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    Definitely as late as Win98!

    (Big sigh!)

    Oh, stop, you Unix people...

    (Actually, I liked muttski's post the best. I've stepped in other things in my socks, but...that's another story! )

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    That drives me up the wall. Does anybody know of a way to stop it?
    In XP theres a few little tricks. If you want to DEL it so its not on your desktop::

    right click on the desktop and goto properties. Click the backdround tab and go to customize. You will see a section called "Desktop Icons", just uncheck the ones u wish to hide.

    Another way i know of is two programs::

    Winxp Powertoys
    Xgen GUI

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