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Thread: Lan Party

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    R or D, although I agree, there's a few points that I don't think really contribute to the guess that it was staged:

    >-The guy wasn't really fighting back when he was carried away.<

    Are you kidding? I wouldn't have either. The guy carrying him away was much bigger. Plus, he caught him off guard. PLUS, he probably thought they were just gonna give him a hard time, not throw his ass on the ground with his computer.

    >-He didn't wig out when they destroyed his pc.<

    Look at the tape again. He reacted the way I can imagine a person in his shoes would have reacted. Also, they didn't tape him that much after he was thrown on the ground. Only a few seconds of him after that point is on tape, and those few seconds is him still soaking in WTF just happened.

    >-They knew exactly what pc to go to out of all of those pcs that quickly....<

    Yes, but that one guy was probably walking by all the computers looking for signs of cheating. He saw that guy playing, then watched him until he was absolutely sure then he yelled to the co-host/security guy or whoever that guy is he yelled to.

    As for the rest of your points, I agree. Especially about taking so little time to unplug the PC.

    It was still an entertaining video though.

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    Well counterd hill, you make some good points as well.

    As far as arguing who has the best parties, i don't rlly care, all ym attendes have fun and thats what matters. We do em bout once a month, sometimes we slack off.

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