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    Looking for advice

    I just started a career with programming. I think programming
    is kinda fun and make money too. But I have a hard time to
    pick an appropriate programming language which highly demand
    in the current and future job market. Of course, I think I should
    not learn Fortran or some old obsolete languages. For high demand job in programming, someone recommended me start
    learning straightly with .NET without wasting time playing around
    with other languages. Do you, as programming experienced guys,
    think that starting career in programming with .NET is right track?
    Thanx for your advices!


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    This is a question for the General Discussion board....
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    Since you are posting this on every freaking board here I'm going to assume that you think C, C++, and C# are good choices for a programming career. Here is my synopsis of the situation

    *C++ is good
    *C is good
    *C# is stupid (i mean really stupid)
    *.NET is a trend, but it is really neither good nor bad.

    There are other languages that are nice to know like PERL and JAVA. And some that some expect you to know like HTML and XML. PASCAL seems to have its fan-base. I think your best bet is probably learning VB, Python, or JavaScript

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    why no learn php then you can create web based solutions, everything will go this way in the future anyway..
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    I would suggest you first decide which branche of technology you want to work in. If you have made that decision, then you can determine which language(s) to learn. Note that .NET may be useful in branches which deal with networks and Windows technology, but it is not very useful in for example embedded systems.

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    Which language you choose is directly related to what you are trying to do with it. Yes, many/all of the things that Perl is used for can be done with C and C++, but who would be crazy enough to do so? As Sayeh keeps ranting, C can do anything imaginable with a computer, but it's not always the best language to use. What exactly are you wanting to do with programming?

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