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    I'm thinking of learning perl. I found a good tutorial, but doesn anybody knopw of some better ones which arn't listed on google or any specific ones that they found to be very helpful?


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    flashdaddee has a tutorial or a reference of some kind in its books section of the web site. look under the oreilly bookshelf.

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    Perl is great. I do pretty much everything I would normally do in C in Perl nowadays. Especially when I'm dealing with files or complex strings, and by changing the code a bit, I can put it on my website. It's not able to compete with the speed of C, though. I wrote a script to calculate the most said words in my IRC log [roughly 500kb with tens of thousands of unique words], and the processing took 5 minutes for my Perl script, and when I wrote the equivilent in C it took twenty seconds (with only a few changes to the method).

    and it sucks that you can't treat strings as arrays unless you:

    @arraystring = split(//, $string);


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