Thread: Pepsi Blue Vs. Vanilla Coke.

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    vanilla coke left a really bad aftertaste in my mouth.

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    Happily, I have never heard of, or seen any of these things.

    Isn't it amazing what a drop of artificial colouring will do for some people...
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    I almost bought Pepsi Blue once but someone told me it isn't very good. *I wound up buying good ol' Mountain Dew* Vanilla Coke is ok; I think 'real' vanilla Coke is better.

    Mountain Dew and Barqs are the best, though, IMO.

    But I've gone over a year without drinking pop---Jan 2001 till Feb brother finally got me to drink a Mountain Dew and I wish I would never have drinken it either. Maybe someday I'll go without pop again.

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    Go to a store that sells flavored syrups- get vanilla and mix it in to your soda. Watermelon and black cherry are good as well.
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    Vanilla is the only edible fruit of the orchid family. Most orchids are beautiful, but you can't eat them!
    I'll stick with my crab juice.

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    Talk about tall tales, vanilla plants can grow to be 350 high!
    Does that not make sense to anyone else?

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    Funny thing about Vanilla Coke is: It goes flat and tasteless after sitting for 5 minutes! Yes Ethic, Pepsi Blue is a unique taste, but it gives you that carbonation-gonna-explode-in-your-chest feeling.

    At a Frich's in my hometown- Coconut Sprite. I have no idea where thay get it, but its pretty good.

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    i dont like either one of them, though i think mellow yellow tastes just like mountain dew
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    Originally posted by Prelude
    I'll stick to root beer. If you have to use weird new flavors to win the masses then there's something wrong with the drink to begin with.

    I agree. ROOT BEER RULES. I dont know if you guys have heard of MUG root bear, thats my fav, A&W, and Barqs are a tie for second.

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    Pepsi Blue is pure genious. Not only does it taste good (it's
    berrytacular), but it's blue. Blue soda! It's amazing what Soda
    Scientists can do nowadays....
    Ha. it doesnt take scientists to make a blue drink...
    the other day, we were making copper (II) sulphate in chemistry class, and someone said it looks like pepsi blue...
    so there we go...
    maybe that's what it is... i will look at the ingredients most carefuly before trying it out...

    but it gives you that carbonation-gonna-explode-in-your-chest feeling.
    whoa! that sounds bad... maybe i should avoid it... who knows what copper sulphate can do to your body!! i dont wanna know...

    oh yeah...
    and just root beer for me... barq's rulz
    *imitating homer*
    i... want.... my.... baaaarq'sss!!!
    I am the Alpha and the Omega!!!

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    mountain dew owns all
    Never could have been said better!

    But as far as PB vs VC....


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    I think a lot of people think Dr Pepper is the best. Surprised nobody has brought it up.

    Oh yea just had Dr Pepper Red Fusion.
    Red Fusion = Cherry Dr Pepper
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    You people are all crazy. Wacko. OUT OF YER MINDS I SAY!

    Pepsi Blue isn't super sweet, it doesn't make your chest feel like its going to explode. It's just a sub-par carbonated berry-flavored beverage.

    Vanilla Coke is Coke with a small amount of Vanilla flavoring. Who doesn't like the flavor of vanilla??? And it tastes nothing like cream soda. Try some cream soda and some vanilla coke and you'll see they taste completely different. And cream soda is better anyways

    So of the two, VC kicks PB's ass.

    (this has been brought to you by the opinion of DyDx)

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