Thread: what should I do ?

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    Question what should I do ?


    I'm working with Flash which is one of Macromedia's products. I have made some mini games with it for example Terris, now my dream is to build up games with C++ but I know C++ not much. To tell the truth I'm a bit tired of learning things such as operator overriding of C++ cos my game rarely meet these. What should I learn exactly ? maybe VC and DirectX ?

    thanx for any suggestion~
    Never end on learning~

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    For you, you should:

    * Learn the basics of C++ and,
    * Learn a graphics library like...erm....Allegro.

    Then you can program a variety of games provided you have the time, which i often lack.

    Oh i've attached a DirectX tutorial in case you, or anyone else wants it.

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