Thread: whos online (and where)

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    whos online (and where)

    for those of you that dont already know - click on on Currently Active Users and hit your refresh button - you will see a list of all users that a re currently active (funny that!) and their current activity eg:viewing forum
    Creating thread etc..
    But for those of thus that r
    are more inquisitive how about adding the location
    Eg: User blah is viewing the game programming form
    user blob is creatig a thread in Linux board

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    NO!!! Now, *they* can see our every move....hehe.

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    Did you know there has never been one recorded death attributed to marijuana use?
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    reminds me of this one movie, i think it was called Navy Seals... about some covert ops group (like rainbow six)... the sniper in the high spots' codename was "God"... so when they needed someone to be picked off they said something funny like "God help us all." and it was cool!
    hasafraggin shizigishin oppashigger...

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