Thread: Back Temporarily (Maybe)

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    Back Temporarily (Maybe)

    I know I havent been around for a couple of weeks, im on a Dial-Up internet connection, and my phone lines are screwed up..for instance, up here in Ohio, we're getting pieces of Hurricane Lili that have come ashore, and our phone lines are only working when it rains. Ygfperson, I am sorry if I missed the judging for your contest that I signed up to be a judge for, and if it hasnt ended yet, i'm sorry, but i will have to give up my judge position.

    Ill probably get back online well in a couple of weeks, so seeyathen (I will be online tonight however).

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    does any1 know why the phone lines only work when it rains? Thats weird huh?
    Such is life.

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    Weird? Yes. Impossible? No. (as he proved )

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