Thread: What are you thoughts?

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    What are your thoughts?

    What are you thoughts on university and real-life working environment? how significant are they? Will you be using what you study at school in your 9-5 job? or is it just a bloody piece of cert . .

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    ummm i worked for 15 years after leaving school etc, and used quite a lot of what i had learnt..maths/english etc.

    Back at Uni now, the stuff i am learning will of course be most useful in work. Besides you need the cert to get the job.
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    Some of what you learn will be directly relevent.

    Some of the rest, conceptually so - schools are always behind industry - inevitable - by the time a course gets approved for teaching, aspects of it are out of date.

    Some will be hobbyhorses of the school/teacher - and useless.

    The ratio depends on the school.

    >>> Besides you need the cert to get the job.

    Not necessarily - but probably general enough to be good advice.
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