Thread: What do employers look for?

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    Question What do employers look for?

    I was wondering about what employers in the Computer industry look for? I know this is a very general question. To make it a bit specific, do they look for experience, how do they go about hiring people straight out of college. Does the college you went to only exist in name to the company or employer?
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    I found the best way to find out, is ask them, they usually take time to tell you : )

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    >I was wondering about what employers in the Computer industry look for?
    Realistically, employers will look for someone who is knowledgeable enough to do the job.

    Here is how our company hires people:

    The first cut comes from the resume, if you lack job experience in the field then they may not even consider you. Since all we know about you is on a piece of paper it's difficult to tell if you know what you're doing, so job experience is the only way to judge this. (We're more lenient with college graduates because it's obvious they want an intro job, so experience isn't the most important factor)

    Many employers tend to think that lack of experience means lack of ability, this is a big mistake, but it's easier to assume the worst than hope for the best. Survivors of the first cut can then show that they know how to do the job in an interview. This is the important part, and also the part I know most about since I'm on the team that grills interviewees.

    The way to impress your interviewer is not to get all of the answers correctly, but to move through the problem in a methodical and logical manner. The sign of a good employee is if they ask for help when stumped. Instead of sitting like a log all baffled at the problem, they actively seek resources to solve it. But above all, you (and more importantly, your code) must be professional. Believe it or not, bad habits don't get you kicked out right away, it's more of a judgement call on whether or not you can change your habits when shown the mistake. I've accepted people who use void main, feof as a loop condition, and fflush on input streams because I felt they would accept new habits. Others I've refused because they were (in my opinion) a lost cause.

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    Beyond just ability (related to the job) I think personality helps a great deal. When I was interviewed for my job recently it was not only to see if I had potential (as I have very little professional experience) but also whether I would fit in with the people I'd be working with.
    I recently got to be part of the interviews for the guy who would become my boss (which was sort of odd) and personality played a large part.
    Also realize you're interviewing them too. The interview process isn't just one sided.
    Each interview will be different so be prepared for anything.

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    And if in a interview be yourself (kinda), the number one killer of an interview is someone who figits or swivles in a chair rather then composing themselves with confidence. No matter what the situation, confidecne is the key.

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