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    Second MoA Demo Tomorrow

    Yes, it's true. The second and final demo for my RPG Mists of Avalon is being released sometime tomorrow, probably later in the needs tweaking. I just found an issue with the shops I need to fix. But I thought I'd let you all know!

    The first demo probably came as something of a disappointment to most of you, and I don't blame you; there wasn't much to it! This new demo will involve much more. It will allow you to play a small portion of the story (I'd say 1/4 of it). It incorporates all of the features of the first demo, plus the following:

    - Enter towns
    - Buy items
    - Use items
    - Gain a new spell
    - Several maps instead of the one that is there in the first demo
    - One of the many puzzles needed to be solved
    - Part of the illicit story in MoA

    Now, in a previous post I stated that there would be 3 demos, but I've changed this. I feel that enough of the game is being given away in this demo alone, and it would spoil the first half of the game if I released a 3rd demo. I just want to give you all a taster of what is to come, not give it all away. Instead, in late October/early November, I'll be releasing a trailer of the game (sort of like a movie trailer, but for the game). I'm excited to get working on this; I've hired an artist to design my characters for it so once I've got their designs I can get working. Also, in mid-October, a second promotional image is scheduled to be released. This one will most likely be of Haroth's Fortress, meaning it will have a more sinister look to it than my current promotional image, which depicts the Mistus Forest.

    So there's a lot coming up! Remember, the game is still scheduled to be released on December 31st of this year, unless I state otherwise.

    I'm going to post a message tomorrow when I've gotten the site re-done to include info on the demo and I have it uploaded. Then, it's all yours!


    P.S. The link to the MoA Website is in my sig
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    2 words: it's up!

    MoA Website

    [EDIT]Feedback would be welcome, of course [/EDIT]

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