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  • C/C++

    13 23.21%
  • Basic/Qbasic (YEAH !!)

    23 41.07%
  • HTML/Java

    3 5.36%
  • Visual Basic

    5 8.93%
  • English /Other

    12 21.43%

Thread: Your first language...

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    Question Your first language...

    What was your first programming language that you learned? (even if it was a little).

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    Not C++... moved to GD.
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    Why are java and html together?

    also, I dont even think html is considered a programming languge.

    Well I did learn html first, and then java was my first programming language.

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    My first language was Pascal in high school

    Good question: HTML is not a programming language.

    Mr. C.

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    i would consider html a program language, ina sorts.

    It was my first language, but i said VB cause i didn't see it there.

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    HyperText Markup Language

    Markup language - A coding system, such as HTML and SGML, used to structure, index, and link text files.

    Programming language - An artificial language used to write instructions that can be translated into machine language and then executed by a computer.
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    I think learning C++ first was a bad idea for me...I got a book in 9th grade on C++ from a math teacher, and I tried reading it but I didn't learn anything because I got so frustrated. I really got into it in 10th grade and started to learn stuff. I would have been better served by learning a less-difficult programming language such as visual basic. But then again because I learned C++ first everything else seems...well...much easier.

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    My best code is written with the delete key.

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    I was going to say COBOL!

    Okay okay, FORTRAN

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    wow.. this question has only been asked 100 times.

    oh well.

    i started with PASCAL, and i never looked back.

    unfortunately this person forgot to include the wonderful PASCAL and COBOL/FORTRAN and *gasp* ADA95 or ADA83!!!

    wow.. such a crime is only punishable by 5 years of coding with visual basic!

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    basic foo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hello, internet!

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    i was first taught logo in school (grade 4, 5) and then they taught q-basic (grade 5 and 6). I dont remember much though...
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    assembly language. z80 and 6502 processors. (zx spectrum/bbc model b)
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    my first is ActionScript which is a script language I still work with even now.
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