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    It really me when off when people say they work hard when they really don't. I mean that's a really sad story, Shadow. While some people complain about how tired and how hard they work. I agree, I don't really work that hard in comparision to some people, but to compared a lot of people my age I work a lot harder. The cooks at my restaurant are the sameway in terms of their hardwork, except they don't get treated all that bad.

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    >That explains why men only seem to use their brains 1% of the time.

    You know men who use their brain ? Wow. Where did you find them ?

    Some things that annoy me are:

    - fanatics, no matter what they believe in
    - people who don't know how to learn things
    - conformists without a brain of their own or without intention to show it
    - people who complain about work when they work 2 days a week every other week
    - people who lie and those who know that their information is gossip at best but pretend to tell true facts anyway
    - people who can't lose with dignity
    - people who can't win with dignity

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