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Thread: Launching Garbage into space...

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    Originally posted by kevinalm
    The best solution under current technology is incineration for the vast majority of solid waste. Recycle the valuable stuff, aluminum and the like. Burn the organics, plastic, paper. Use the heat to generate electricity. The CO2 might (if we're really lucky) get us through the next Maunder Minimum in spite of the Church of Global Warming.
    Great Ideas, except that when you burn trash the only gas produced is not CO2, there is CO, and sometimes NO2, NO3, SO2, CH4 and other stuff as well... those are not so good for the earth, as i gather...

    anyway... let's catch rats and make them huge. Then these big mutant rats can eat all our trash...
    how about it? good idea?
    I am the Alpha and the Omega!!!

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    CO is only produced in quantity when combustion occurs in oxygen deficient conditions. Since cogeneration requires fairly sophisticated chimney/draft system anyway, that shouldn't be a problem. Methane is just natural gas and will simply be used as fuel in a properly designed and operated facility.

    NOx only gets made in internal combustion. You have to have a pressure/temperture spike followed by rapid cooling. Jet engines and gas turbines don't emit much in the way of nitrogen oxides. A cogeneration plant shouldn't have a problem.

    SOx is routinely scrubbed in all types of fossil fuel plants. The technology is proven and readily available.

    I do like the idea of giant rats. But I'd hate to meet up with the cat.

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