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    Cool bagpipe fun

    I was feeling outgoing today, so I felt like doing something...that I wouldnt normally do...

    So I got this bagpipe casette tape which I have, and popped it into my 17 year old 1985 blue toyota van (which is sooo cool trust me) and turned the speakers all the way up.

    And so I drove home with the windows down, speakers all the way up, in a 17 year old minivan which I like to call "the blue beast" listening to bagpipe music.

    It was funny seeing people look at me weirdly. hahaha.
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    I imagine they were looking at you much the same way I'm staring at my monitor right now.

    Wait a minute - that's not the issue. They made a tape of bagpipe playing... AND YOU BOUGHT IT?!?!


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    i would have looked at you, said "rock on" and kept driving.
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    You should have put attatched a huge speaker or amplifier on the top of the van, and played it. Now that would be cool.

    There are musicians who play for money in downtown, and I saw a guy with a bagpipe today, what a coincident.

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    that guy was davidp's tape come to life. Notice how when u listen just closely enough your brain hurts and your ears begin to bleed....

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