Thread: Java, C++?

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    I had the Same Question Check This Thread Too..

    I had the Same... Question...
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    Middleware is a platform for building solutions that support domain specific planning. Businesses are contracted the tools, by vendors.

    On the other hand systems development requires understanding of platform implementation and the development of a knowledge base lead by practical experience.

    If you are still confusing them, than how can you have any confidence in what you believe in.

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    Originally posted by Mister C
    Terrance, not exactly. Both C++ and java are based on C. It also depends on who you talk to which is easier- I feel that somethings are easier in C++ while others things are easier in Java.

    Hello, I'm on my school's computer, and don't want to login.

    Java is based on c++, and c++ is based on java.

    Java is completely oop based, making it a lot less functional than c++ which acts as both an oop and top-down language.

    OOP is slower than top down, so that's one disadvantage.

    The world will never turn completely to java based programs, and c sharp is already taking over java.

    So, stick with c++.

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    Originally posted by Terrance1

    Java is based on c++, and c++ is based on java.

    I mean c++ is based on c.

    We were just talking about this in class a few minutes ago.

    Java overall is an easier language to learn than c++.

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    I'd agree that C++ is a specialization of the ANSI C standard 1985. In terms of Java being related to C/C++, that is far less important than understanding the middleware technology on which Java is constructed, because there you will be able to differentiate them as system or solution based development languages.

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    thnx for the rlly good info!

    can someone elaborate, is java or c++ the AP exam now?

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    No problem. I'm happy to provide help.

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    This year 02-03 the AP exam switches to Java. It had been in C++

    Check out the College Board website.
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