We have always been plagued with people coming and asking for help with their homework.

Obviously, if they had a specific question with some code examples we would be happy to help them, but like it has been stated before, we dont help people who come here and ask us to do their homework for them.

Well, think about it...what place DOES give somebody a chance to do their homework for them? Those of you in high school like me use it all the time, and just dont realize that it has other sections in it. Can u guess it yet?

It is:


SparkNotes is incredibly famous among students for its notes on literature for books we read in high school, so us students can just hop right on the net and grab some notes off of SparkNotes to work with. However, not many people realize the other capabilities of SparkNotes. It has notes for several other subjects too: including math, computer science, physics, biology, animals, astronomy, chemistry, history, etc.

They even follow the AP stuff...so if you go on there and look at their stuff, it will be the exact stuff you learn in school, in a nice informative format. Therefore, if someone comes on and asks us to do their homework, I suggest we give them this site:


In fact, I suggest we put it on like the front page or something like that...

That whole site is devoted to the Computer Science curriculum, and it has message boards devoted to it too, and they are active...so why not let the people at a site which is devoted to that topic answer do that homework stuff?