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    Q about adverts...

    Is it just me or have the banner ads here gotten worse lately?

    I usually don't like to suppress banners from sites I like (so as to help support them) but I'm getting fed up with the decreasing quality of ads that you have been serving.

    Particularly annoying are:

    Ads that masquerade as dialogs

    Ads that jitter or cycle colors more than once per second

    Ads that masquerade as popup notifications from other programs

    Ads that include a blatantly deceitful 'X' or "Cancel" button

    Ads that give false warning of security risks

    Ads that provide false information or advertise scam services

    I mean, a banner ad is one thing, hell at UF I specifically click on the banner ads once a week to contribute, but having a banner that mimics a windows dialog box and telling me that I have 7 messages waiting, or a banner mimicing a microsoft outlook email notification, just annoys me.

    Would you consider reevaluating your choice of sponsors?

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    Yeah, and don't forget the Crappy Java Applets

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    Well Opera takes care of the java and the popups nicely.

    I can get rid of the banners too, but I would really rather not, considering that is what covers the bandwidth costs. But if the general direction the quality is going is maintained, they may get axed too.

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