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    My vehicle would kick all your car's's a little arctic cat 4x4, a 4 stroke 299cc single! the engine is so close to the back axels that when you step back it looks like there ISN'T an engine in it (that's what I thought the first time I saw the damn thing).

    I think I am a rice boy

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    Originally posted by Inept Pig
    You call that an exhaust pipe? Pah, alright if you're a girl... THIS is an exhaust pipe...
    Never end on learning~

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    shad i'd give u a 6 pole head start(8 is a quarter mile) and still beat u to the end :P

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    Any of you ever seen the picture of the jedi racer car? It was wicked funny. They put a bunch of plexiglass around the edge of the car and painted it.

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