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    Lightbulb Stratego

    I was going through our old game cabinet in our house today, and I found the classic game Stratego which I used to play with my brothers all the time.

    After looking at it for awhile, I decided I needed to find a Stratego game to play on the computer, and if I couldn't find one, then I needed to make one (after finishing my current project, of course).

    Well, after a nice long search, I have found a version of Stratego that you can play over TCP/IP, kind of like how we all used to play Tetrinet.

    If anybody else feels the urge to play Stratego after not playing it for such a long time, here is the website to download it:

    Download it and then IM me on AIM or somethin...I would be happy to play, because I want to get some Stratego in after so many years of not playing it.
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    Ohhh cool, you guys use to play tetrinet? Lemme know if you guys wanna play.

    I've never played Stratego before. Although that has always looked like a cool game to me when I browse the board game section at the toy store.
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