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    Angry Noise pollution

    Is there any software out there that steps down the speed of the CD ROM. It is quite noisy. Einggggggg! There it goes again!

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    Doubt it

    EDIT: Maybe find a program that slows down the speed at which the drive spins (I think there's a freeware one by Nero)

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    DA's solution for fixing your problem!!!

    Pour water on your unit so that it short circuits, sizzles a bit... Then afterwards that sucker sure won't make a sound! Note tho, that an unfortunate side effect of the drive not spinning at all would mean that you'd need to use your index finger to spin it around whoooooosh! [optionally altering with your middle finger as well...]

    Hm... well y'know in recent years I've seen a lot of really impractical and annoying products of 'engineering'. Namely, my flippin AMD unit, with stock fan, sizzles! And my burn/CD isn't working correctly... PnP pffff! Time for a reformat...

    Let's hope I don't forget anything in the backup, and also nothing is forgotten when I search for all my disks to reinstall everything... This time it'll be clean damnit!
    hasafraggin shizigishin oppashigger...

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    I didn't understand a word of that.

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