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Thread: professional or not ?

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    Uhh, calm down children. I dont' see what is wrong with Windows and Microsoft first of all. Secondly I don't see any point for TK to build his own system when good ones already exist...I doubt anyone who wants to build their own operating system although at the same time I have a 'more power to ya' attitude about it. Thirdly I don't really care about anything I just want to end up developing and having fun (which hasn't been happening lately). Fourthly I don't see why they don't teach some kind of windows programming. Fifthly...what do you do all day Fill? I mean do you really sit down and develop stuff for the majority of your work day? How long has it (on average) taken you to finish a project? Do you work as a team? I am really interested in finding more out about what real developing is all about. Any information you can spare about the nature of your job in particular would just tickle me all sorts of colors, it really would

    TK I think you are a loser with a small weiner, you remind me of me a year ago when I thought I was all big and bad because I knew rambus operated at 800MHz, but I didn't realize that it was 16bit architecture and I was stupid and got the crap kicked out of me and you deserve to have the crap kicked out of you and your intestines pulled out your nose. i'm even getting sick of system...if I see the 's' word one more time I am going to go outside and scream so loud you'll need earplugs to take a crap...bye

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    Developing software for embedded systems is my job and I like it very much. Though I hope I once will get to the level of architect and concentrate more on the general aspects of a system instead of the low level details.

    >I am really interested in finding more out about what real
    >developing is all about.

    That depends on the organisation where you work. Our company does the whole traject from requirements to installation of the product. Currently I'm working in a big team on the software for an infotainment system to be used in a new car. Developing software in such consumer electronics is far different from developing software to be used in industries. Consumer electronics products have a short life-time and must be developed in a short time. Mobile phones projects for example sometimes run for a year or even shorter. Software for a factory machine can take many years.

    Momently, sitting behind my desk and developing software (designing and coding) is the majority of my daily work. A few times a day I'll go to the lab to test my software and sometimes, ofcourse, there is that stuff called meetings.

    The languages we're using are mainly C++ and Java and sometimes C and ASM.

    >I dont' see what is wrong with Windows and Microsoft

    The company is acting quite aggressive when it comes to marketing. That can be irritating. Also irritating is that they force you to do everything in the Microsoft way, in case you are using Windows. Or, if you're a company, you're using Microsoft software.

    However, I don't know if that's wrong. In my opinion a company has the right to take the chances it sees to grow. Microsoft has seen possibilities to grow and it has taken them and it grew huge. As can be seen from the company's history, it also had luck. Luck compared with efficient bussiness made it big and current marketing strategy keeps it big.

    But, ofcourse, one can wonder if the company must grow. It's all about earning money and they have more than enough money. On the other hand, they give people work.

    Their technology isn't bad, the new BMW has Windows CE running and they're very positive about it. It seems to be very stable. In the car branche they now introduced Car.NET, I'm really curious how it will develop.

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    I don't use Microsoft at all, why would I do that? lol!!!!

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    Shadow, the work day is pretty much dealing with a small development team in my case. There is a single product which is our current focus. Although bugs show up in other products we've worked on in the past. One of two of us ends up working on the bug. Really it's just what the boss wants our team to work on at any given time.

    ::This thread is annoying with all the arguing now by the way::

    The question of how long a project takes is kind of a difficult one to answer. Projects can be new products (rare), adding features to a new version (pretty common), and fixing bugs in existing versions (VERY common in this ol' junky code). A new version takes a good year of solid work I guess. Maybe more, maybe less. I don't know. Obviously it depends on the product and the team. Point being, ignore the last paragraph.
    "You are stupid! You are stupid! Oh, and don't forget, you are STUPID!" - Dexter

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    Dean take some time out and read and do the excercises to

    How less vender specific can you be? I don't even know
    a commercial implementation of scheme off hand.

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