Thread: Cable, DSL, and Dialup...

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    Cable, DSL, and Dialup...

    Dial-up is gonna be gone before long...DSL and cable will most likely take over, and stores will stop carrying dial-up modems...I've been looking into the following DSL and Cable companies...

    1. Pegasus DirecWay
    2. Zoomtown High-Speed Internet..

    Which do you think would be best?

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    I dont know if dsl or cable modems can fax things, but there are fax modems that would still be used for that purpose.

    Can you use dsl or cable for faxing?

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    yes, but not in dsl. a dsl phone line can be used for both calling and dsl at the same time, so you could probably use the phone line to fax something with a modem.

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    Cable and DSL are both very good connections. In my experiences Cable yieled much higher bandwidth, although that is not always the case. I am on ADSL and I usually get steady downloads at 72KB/sec. I sometimes get downloads that are much faster than that. My friend has cable and usually gets 150, and at least once a day gets 512KB/sec steady. All of the people that I have asked who have ADSL say the fastest they usually get is 100KB/sec. My other friend has adsl and usually only gets 40KB/sec. My cousin has cable and usually gets 150KB/sec+. Keep in mind it depends on the line speed of the server sending the data.

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