Thread: Crop an mp3 file

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    Crop an mp3 file

    I downloaded some mp3s, and they all have this dead air at the end of the song, and I wanted to crop it before I put them onto a cd, can anyone recommend a free program, form for ex, that I can get a hold of to accomplish this task?


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    I would imagine there is a plug in for winamp for that kinda thing, try the website
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    First of all, set your output plugin of winamp to : "Nullsoft Disk Writer plug-in..." and click on configure button to set the output directory.

    Next, go to the search engine google and search for ("Cool Edit 96" +download) and download it.

    Now you can open the wave file generated by winamp in cooledit 96 and edit your song, save it and write it on disk

    Have fun.

    (don't forget to change you output plug-in or everything you wan't to listen thereafter will be written to disk)
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