This is the best webhost I can find for my site:
It is cheap and Has the features I need. I had my doubts, so I e-mailed them. (Very quick response compared to other hosts)
Here are the questions I asked and there answers:
Q: Are all PHP functions enabled?

A: Almost every PHP function is enabled. If one specific one is not enabled the server administrator is usually more than happy to enable them as long as it doesn’t effect general server operations.
Q: Is hotlinking enabled?
A: Yes

Q: Are there are forced ads or logos?
A: No

Q: Are there any forced pop-ups or pop-unders?
A: No

Q: Can I put my own ads on my site?
A: Absolutely

Q: Can I host forum scripts?
A: Absolutely, we recommend vBulletin but that is only a recommendation.
Then I went on to ask them which PHP functions are disabled. They said they would have the answer within the hour.
Anymore uestions I should ask?

Does anyone have any better hosts or a experience with EchoLima?