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    I'm 20, although I behave like I was in your age.

    I'm so extremely tired of acting smart, why would I want to learn all the lowlives around me alot of things when I get nothing back?

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    Series, do you want to be happy?

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    I'm a rational thinker, to be happy doesn't affect me.

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    STFU.... Series (you thought I was going to say "Maes", didn't you)
    EntropySink. You know you have to click it.

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    Does mumbling to yourself count as talking to yourself? I do that sometimes, when I have something to say, but dont really want someone else to hear it.

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    I am TEH definition of crazy!

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    you know, series' comments (in style and form) bear a startling similarity to those made by that Emacs shrink program...just "I'm so depressed. Why does everyone hate me" instead of "Tell me more about your sex life"

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    Originally posted by Prelude
    >some people think walking down the street muttering to yourself is crazy
    What isn't crazy when viewed by the correct person?

    I talk to myself constantly when walking, the act of walking focuses the mind for problem-solving and verbalizing your thoughts solidifies them.

    I wish I had a T-shirt that said that... That would be sooo cool.
    Staying away from General.

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    It's not always good talking to yourself. If you get an idea, and then you continue talking with yourself about your idea, you can finally start to believe in them. I guess this is the reason why I believe in Satan, and that everyone wants me to commit suicide. I also think that explosives are the only things worth living for.

    I've talked to myself too much. I can only hear my own opinion all the time. I can't listen to anybody, because they just lie.

    So you know if you started talking to yourself in a positive way your life will be much better...

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