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    Hello fountain, see you on here more than you know where! I've got a feeling that my time is nearly up with this laptop. It is getting close to the 30 days if your right. I rang up dell, and they basically refused to get it fixed for me. I didn't even ask for my money back! They told me i had to have seven dead pixels close together, and within the centre of the screen. Surely there inhouse policy should not affect my rights, as you said.
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    their! btw
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    This is pretty typical when it comes to computers. I deal with warranties on a very large number of brands (desktop, not laptop). For example, if a hard drive is to be replaced it must either be completely dead (duh ) or have a certain percentage of bad sectors. It doesn't matter if it has bad sectors, it has be to enough.

    Same with CD-ROM's, CPU fans, etc... For us to replace them it must be DEAD. So what if your CD-ROM only reads CD's occasionaly, it still reads them sometimes, right?

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    In England, the "Sale of Goods Act" demands that articles sold should be fit for their intended purpose and of merchantable quality. If these requirements are not met, then you have a case under civil law with the establishment that sold them to you, regardless of any waranty etc. If you bought it with a credit card, you have even more routes to satisfaction.

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    Hi, Sub. Dont be fobbed off. The sale of goods act mentioned above should get you through. Dont worry about the 30 days as you have already registered your complaint.

    The grey area is 'merchantable quality'..It all depends on your perception of these words.

    However, you can go to trading standards etc, as you were not informed that 'merchantable quality' includes dead pixels.

    Besides, the screen (when new) should have all functions working to a full extent. Dead pixels by definition are dead/not working.

    Ring them every day, write every day,email every day...And go to trading standards. Write to local newspaper highlighting your problem. Dont slander,but just explain the problem. Bad press is cheap to come by!

    They will relent. You may even get a better model.

    ooops forgot this

    >then you have a case under civil law with the establishment that sold them to you <

    You do indeed. Let trading standards take them to court for you though. Cheaper that way.
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