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    >You could just send in a check - it's $10/month...
    I thought we changed it to $10 for each question asked, $20 for each question that could be answered by running a search or reading a book, $30 for a question answered by the FAQ, and $100 for moronic questions that shouldn't have been asked in the first place.

    My best code is written with the delete key.

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    /me whispers to Prelude....

    you're making this unbelieveable now... we had Ruski goin before, now you blew our cover... thanks a lot...

    so...back to topic... I want my money back... can one of you mods do this, or do i need to go straight to the top!!??
    EntropySink. You know you have to click it.

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    I am a full fledged share holder in cprog. I receive a small percentage of all proceeds. If you too would like to be a stock holder, send me a SASE with $20 enclosed. I will get back with you later in the year.

    It is very lucrative. Most members do pay up... but our records show that ober hasn't paid a single dime and has been living of the niceties of Govtcheez. Well this is entirely unacceptable and punishable by fourty lashings with a cane.

    Please let the share hoders know when you want your lashings, ober.

    Thank you.

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