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    Sugestions please....

    Does any one know a good URL redirector for my home page and i want to run a good forum thee..(for college discussions.. etc etc).. so can u recomend anything.. The provider supports ASP, acccess database...


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    uhh... you just want to redirect your address at brinkster to somewhere else? I don't get it. Why not just put your forums on the brinkster site?!

    either way... there's a meta tag redirect that I'll post if I can find it...
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    It is not like that.. I want a shorter name for my homepage.. one such provider is v3 but not good.. instead of typing will do.. but v3 is no good.. so do u know any other providers...

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    .tk but you have to get a certain number of hits to keep your site up. I think the site to get one is

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    Ok my new url is I have created an ASP sign up form connected to the database.. so please try it and give sugestions.. the login does not work but the signup works.. just need more sugestions to complete

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