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    The Contest Forum has switched

    as some of you have seen, the contest forum has now been revealed. the current contest is going to be moved there, and so has the sign up thread. the permanent idea thread has been deleted. here's why:

    In the beginning, ygfperson created the content and the links.
    And the content was without form, and void, and darkness fell upon the face of the links.
    And ygfperson said, Let there be a contest forum!
    And there was the content forum.
    And ygfperson saw the forum, that it was good: and ygfperson divided the content from the links.
    And ygfperson called the content "Stuff" and the links he called "Other Stuff". And the words and the hypertext created the web page.
    *stepping down from ego trip...*
    The Rules are more clearly explained on the announcement on top of the forum. Simply put:
    1) each idea has its own thread instead of one thread for all ideas
    2) all contest business goes on on the contest forums. i'm moderator there.
    3) there's also a web page:
    4) if in doubt, just ask

    i'm also open to your suggestions.

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    woohoo! It's official!

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    stuff i forgot to mention...

    i have free reign over the content of that website... within reason. if you think up a new way to use that web site, please let me know. here are my current ideas:
    • put a code submission place on there so you can upload your stuff instead of e-mailing it to me
    • put a sign-up sheet on the web site itself
    • add more stuff to the faq if needed
    • correct that typo hammer pointed out

    //edit: corrected list

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