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    Redhat Resolution

    How do i change it? sry for my newb question =)

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    do you mean resolution as in screen resolution? if not, forgive me for being mistaken; but i think to change screen resolution, with red hat, you will have to change the xconfigurator file? i think called XF86Config (something like that, i haven't used linux in awhile). or just logout of the xserver to the command line and type Xconfigurator which will bring up a program that helps you configure stuff like monitor and screen resolution etc... You know, i also heard there are like hotkeys available to instantly do this. like hitting ctrl with some button and the '+' key. I remember there was something easy like that. if all else fails, you can just simply run Xconfigurator and select your resolution (but logout to comman prompt first).

    hope this helped, if it's what you meant?

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