Thread: DJGPP graphics and the like

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    DJGPP graphics and the like

    Just curious to know about how to do graphics stuff in DJGPP. Isn't it something to do with allegro.h or something?

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    [resident DJGPP "expert" steps up to the plate...]

    allegro is a game programming library which you could use to do gfx... or, if you're like me, you could do it by hand... but, yes, i'll say, that's hopelessly redundant... [we learn from experience, even though Sunlight tried to warn me...] if you have some ?uestions, ask or PM me!

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    Its open source. It is free. It works. The second url has a zippicker and instructions to make it easy. There is a large community.The allegro library has been ported to linux. There are examples and tutorials all over the net.

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