Thread: "Programming Windows" .Net...?

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    "Programming Windows" .Net...?

    So, I just got Petzold's "Programming Windows" book. It's huge.
    The book seems to talk about VC++ 6.0 a lot, though. You know,
    it's features, how to accomplish things... Should I go ahead and
    buy VC++ 6.0, or would the things work with .NET? What about
    Dev-C++? Would the book's information be, um, 'compatable'
    with that?

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    if you have then the code will work.

    it wil work on:
    Borland Builder
    Borland Free Command line

    Every 'windows' compiler. Any one that allows you to make Windows GUI programs.

    includign Dev C++ but you might need to go to msdn and download more updated files for the windows API as the Dev ones are old.
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    Petzold assumes you have MS compilers. There are a few cases where the examples would not work with other compilers. One that sprins to mind is the beginthreadex() routine in MS is called beginthreadNT() by Borland. Generally however, there is no problem.
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