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    portable battery power supply

    I have an old 486 dx/75 laptop. The battery is long shot, but even if it were to be replaced, it would only last 2-3 hours per charge, and would probably be worn out in a year of daily (if not multiple times per day) charging.

    I am asking for recommendations for portable, rechargable battery power that can be used to power the laptop (with dc/ac inverter if necessary), preferrably for 6+ hours on a full charge. I have done some searching, have found a lot of "start-your-car" type battery packs, and have found some said to be for general use, but I would like to know if anyone out there is using such a thing, and what their experiences are with them (comments/complaints).

    Will they wear out in a month if I recharge them daily; can I get 6+ hours per charge? Under 3lbs would be great.


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    >>> and would probably be worn out in a year of daily (if not multiple times per day) charging.

    You could always carry more than one.
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