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    free POP3 email

    Does anyone know of a good free email provider that allows for POP access? Reason I'm asking is that I don't want Hotmail's 50+ spam messages a day, and Yahoo made pop3 access a paid thing just recently.

    Also, what email client do you use instead of ::shudders:: Outlook?
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    I think Lycos still offers free email.....I'm still with yahoo though....

    They havent charged me, but I guess that might be as they are already charging me for my domain name fees which are registered through them

    Oh and BTW......Hotmail is really getting on my nerves too....37 Junk mails (well they were the ones actually stored in the junk mail folder!) in just over an hour the other day.....couldnt believe it!

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    But right now they are upgrading their servers so you won't have access to the site. It is a free 5 (or 6) MB pop3 mail accaunt. you do get some occasional spam but not much

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    I was just looking at this the other day and they seem to have some decent companies listed.

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    I use to use before I got one with my ISP.
    Infact, i'm sure your ISP would provide you with one if you called.

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    [ur][url] - no spam
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    I've been looking for a Lord of the Rings (shut up) mail hoster for a while...I think there used to be one...
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