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    what do you need 64MB of VRAM for then? If you just play games every now and then a 32MB will be fine. Do you like do video editing or something?

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    No not really. Have a 21" screen I run a 1800 something resolution and a 100mhz refresh rate. Can I get away with less memory? yeah probably. would it save me alot of money to buy a 32Mb card? not really.

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    Hey thanx guys i think ill go for the GeForce 4. the one thats around 99 bux. i think its a good deal. ill check ATI webpage and see what they got...

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    Don't get the cut down GForce4 MX card if you play games. They are reasonably fast but the difference in the actual graphics on screen is amazing. They are really a GForce2 doubled. Lack the next generation 'nReal' engine.

    In Neverwinter Nights my friends GF4 MX has 'flat' grass, my GF4 Ti4200 has 'individual' waving grass (seems to have depth and wind blowing thru it).

    I paid about US$200, he paid US$100. IMHO well worth the extra cash.
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    it may be next-gen now but when the GeForce 5's come out they will release nReal 2, which is awesome.

    Plus it can support ONE HUNDRED TWENTY EIGHT BIT COLOR! The screenshots I've seen of car models and stuff look VERY realistic. (Yes I know the VGA output only does 32bit, but it messes with the output a bit. In my opinion, I think they should make a new interface then the old VGA. You would have to get a new monitor though, but something good to do in the future)

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