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    2 Questions.

    Anyone interseted in working on a DirectX(or other lib) game? I have a few ideas for games, 1 being a Streets of Rage/Double Dragon/Simpsons arcade type street brawl game.
    I am not so good at artwork, and would like some help with the graphics. But also having other programmers would give more modivation. Anyone interested in teaming up to make a game?

    If all goes well with making the game, anyone want to make a programming group? By forming a group we can motivate each other to finish projects, and brainstorm for ideas.

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    i could do the art if u program it(im good at drawing grpahics o the computer) ami me sometime, my screen anme is in my sig. (i put ur sn on my b/l)
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    How do you AMI someone, Klinerr1?
    Im sure that the rest of us would like to know.

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