Thread: hello world with pointers

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    hello world with pointers

    I would try this but Im at school. I dont know if this works but it sure is cool if it does.

    int main()
    char *TextPtr;


    *TextPtr+0='h'; // h
    *TextPtr+2='e'; // e
    *TextPtr+4='l'; // l
    *TextPtr+6='l'; // l
    *TextPtr+8='o'; // o
    return 0;

    Just thought I would share that thought.
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    Look at all these. The value pointed by TextPtr (char) plus 5, and then assign it something. Esentially, you are assigning to a temporary integer. It would need to be like this. *(TextPtr + 5). And even then, you would need to allocate the memory either on the stack.. ie

    char* TextPtr = new char[11];

    or on the stack

    char TextPtr[11];
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    It should work I think provided your in the right video
    mode and that your compiler supports that way of setting a pointer to a integer, some don't. I'll try it and see what happens.

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    dereferancing as greater precidence than addition though.

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