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    ok, i've heard the term thrown around, does it mean windows programming? Or does it cover those neat dos apps that have "clickable stuff"? Basically I'd like to know if that's written with c++ code (excluding windows API).

    If so could anyone point me to some good tutorials?

    Note: i tried searching for posts like this, but came up with little so please don't say search...unless you can point me to specific threads, thanks.
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    GUI stands for Graphical User Interface. So you are right windows mostly uses GUI's. And you are also right about nice pretty dos applications with pretty menus and whatnot. As for writting a gui remember that C++ isn't anything special (many newbies and retarded professionals would lead you to believe otherwise). You can use C. Many GUI programmers like C++ because it makes the bulk of your code more readable to others.

    On a side note, if you don't know C++ and you do know C you may want to take a little time to learn C++. It is handy to know.

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    Lightbulb Help with GUI

    email me and i can help with any GUI questions u have.
    I have created a Win95 replica GUI for use in DOS, have designed a Windows 95 replica environment (*as win 95 itselt is just a gui for dos) and also a visual basic type program for creating apps, that can run with or independant of the GUI environment.
    Love to help....
    Steven Castle
    aka PURE_POWER.

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