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    roll up a blunt hillbillie. I'll share it wit ya!
    Free the weed!! Class B to class C is not good enough!!
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    >roll up a blunt hillbillie. I'll share it wit ya!


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    Re: pot thread?

    Originally posted by mix0matt
    I must be missing something here. How did this become a thread on the "evils" of smoking pot?

    No, you don't have to say anything about someone's personal decision. Why do you feel the need to interfere? Are you really that bored?

    He got what he deserved. This has nothing to do with smoking pot. He could have been under the influence of freaking cold medicine, and he would have deserved the same.

    ummm...i don't quite see it that way. I'm not high, and i don't really see it as a death cause by marijuana. It was most certainly caused by a lack of responsibility. What's behind your inability to reason? religion?

    Look, I don't mean to attack you personally here, but I feel you did the same to Hillbillie. You guys might have a history of purely irrational hate. I really don't know, but if you're trying to influence another's behavior, your post doesn't seem like a very effective way to do it.
    This sums up pretty well the other objections to what I said. A couple more thoughts and I'll drop it.

    It's not just my butting in on other's personal lives. Butting in would be that stoned kid killing somebody while they were driving around.
    I pay the cost drug use puts upon society every day. It kills people. It puts people in the hospital. It causes crime.

    I know, "pot doesn't do any of that. It is just about love and a good time and if it was just legal everything would only be better"

    It kills your mind- it wrecks your body. It leads to the use of other harder drugs.

    I work with the homeless. I see the reality of this stuff every day. A couple rich suburban kids getting high is not worth the damage that this stuff does to so many other lives.

    I don't expect to change behavior or influence anyone (on this topic) through posting. I just see crap like "marijuana never hurt anyone" and I just can't stand it.

    Get out- see the world. Not the nice happy, world but the real one that the majority of the population lives in. See where all this "do your own thing- don't come down on me" gets people.

    Well now I'm starting to drift even further.

    I don't hate anybody. This is a topic I wont address again on this board-- unless someone directly asks me for my opinion.

    But if anyone out there is using drugs and apparently quite a few are-- wake up before you've flushed yourself down the toilet.

    (I know -- there's the "I did drugs it never hurt me" replies already posted. What percentage of drug users fall into that category? It is so small as to be of little relevance.)

    Knock at people's crutches and they do get excited.
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    Get high on life, not on drugs. It's not easy but since you know about drug abuse you will be able to appreciate the positive difference.
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    >>Get high on life, not on drugs.

    AAA!!! It's an after-school special of "Saved By The Bell"! Seriously, where do you come up with this stuff? Those infomercials on NBC where the people say "Don't Do Drugs" n stuff, and the little rainbow flies by? Then it says "The More You Know" lol.

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    I am very pro-legalisation of weed...... or at least decriminalisation.

    Have any of you been to holland...... Flat but paradise!!!!

    The real evil is alcohol i'm afraid. Weed never hurt anyone but if you do it you have to be sensible just as if you had been drinking and not get behind the wheel of a car.

    You cannot overdose on weed.... you cant say that about vodka.... drink a bottle of vodka in 1 evening and you will be in hospital having your stomach pumped,feeling like crap in general and with a good possibility of not even remembering the night before.

    Alcohol brings the worst out of people. Normally peaceful people get ........ed up and then they become beligerant and start fights and cause damage to public and private property.

    As long as you are causing no harm to anyone else I don't believe that any government has the right to stop you doing what you like.

    In the uk suicide is illegal..... paradoxically....if you succeed then how can they prosecute......

    If you are really not enjoying life should you not have the choice to end it if you want?

    which brings me nicely onto another topic...... euthanasia.

    how do people here feel about that?
    I saw a programme on tv about a reasonably young person with motor neurone disease who had absolutely no quality of life and he was just waiting to die as his condition is debilitating,uncureable and painful yet he doesn't have the right to end his life peacefully at a moment of his own choosing......
    personally I would rather have the choice if i needed it. wouldn't you?
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    Free the weed!! Class B to class C is not good enough!!
    And the FAQ is here :-

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