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    a long flame thread and i'm not involved? for shame!

    i'm proud to say i have little opinion on rodeos. i've never seen one, and know little to nothing about them in general.

    on the subject of farm subsidies: it does seem that we drain billions into misplaced farm policies. but it also appears that these subsidies are needed. this is yet another area i'm ignorant in, and unlike others in this thread, i know when to shut up.

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    its just so funny that the people who argue about animal rights do not live with animals... how many farmers do you know who are peta members? hypocrasy at its best... i think so

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    You know, Mr. Texas, I actually did look up the
    spelling for "pedophilia" before I posted it. had no listing for the word. They
    only had "Pedofile." I'm really sorry. It's not
    a word I deal with on a daily basis.

    If I remember this all got started because someone illuded to something he knew nothing about instead
    of asking to learn about it first. Typical of the
    idiot generation.
    Well, you don't remember right. This all started
    with your "wine sipping geek" insult. There wasn't
    one insult to cowboys before that. Not one. Re-read
    the thread. Also, you should know that disliking
    something isn't the same as hating it or insulting
    it. I dislike cabbage; but the cabbage shouldn't
    feel insulted.

    I don't actually hate the work cowboys do. I'm
    not against their farming. You're the one who
    brought up that issue. I just hate their rodeos
    and dislike their lifestyle. I don't get offended
    when someone says they're not interested in the
    things I do. That's their problem...

    Why does one need to understand a rodeo to know
    that they don't like it? I've watched one, I
    don't like it. It isn't too complicated.
    ts just so funny that the people who argue about animal rights do not live with animals... how
    many farmers do you know who are peta members?
    hypocrasy at its best... i think so
    I don't know any farmers that are peta members.
    What's your point. Animal rights people do live
    with animals, though. Only they take care of them,
    they don't milk them in competition. It isn't
    hyprocracy, buddy. Do you even know what that
    word means?

    Of course farming type people aren't going to
    belong to peta. They slaughter the cows for
    profit. Duh, why would they join peta? I don't
    understand what you're saying.
    Staying away from General.

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    I don't know why you people keep going on about
    farming subsidies. This thread is about rodeos,
    tight pants, and other things cowboys are interested

    It isn't about the work they do. What if I started
    a thread that said this:

    Subject: Car Hopping.

    Car Hopping competitions are so stupid. I really
    do not like homeboys, They're just so... Their
    pants, they're they're too baggy.

    Would you start defending homies and their
    employment at the Taco Bell? Would you start
    saying that they're all hard working men who are
    just trying to support their babies, and babies'
    mamas? Would you lose respect for me and call
    me ignorant because I don't know why they like
    making their cars hop?

    I doubt it.
    Staying away from General.

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    Originally posted by Govtcheez:

    Cry me a goddam river.
    Great!! I love it. Never heard that one before, must be American.

    Cry me a goddam river!! how cool!!

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    That's from a song. "Go on and cry me a river, I cried a river over you.."
    Truth is a malleable commodity - Dick Cheney

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    so waht is next? lets go on with this thread we cant be mean to animals awwww i guess no more cheese, steak, milk and so on...

    rodeos are far more humane than a slaugter house... during a rodeo they have the best vets around and if an animal is injured it will be put down not by chopping its head of but by painlessly gassing it... now you tell me whats so mean and cruel about a rodeo? have you ever seen a slaughter house trust me they dont put those nice cuddly animals to sleep then kill them...

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    this argument is dead... drop it.

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