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    serial port woes

    my apologies as this is not a dos-specific programming question. however, it also is not a C, C++, C#, windoze, linux, or game specific programming question. so i really didnt know where to stick it.

    i am interfacing the serial port. however inportb (0x3fe); (serial port base address is 0x3f8) *always* returns 0xff. how could this be so? i mean how could it do that on two consecutive reads?

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    i've worked with those, and actually got all my serial port information from that website. i've come to the conclusion that my serial port is hosed or doesnt exist at that address; the program works fine on my other computer. but both win98 and bios calls do return the serial port at that address; oh well.

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    I love that website. It's got excellent info.

    Anyway, I'll look at your code if you want me to.

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