Thread: how did you find these boards?

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    >> you'll have to excuse C_Coder, he was reprogramed to lie beyond belief when God [Romero] reincarnated him...
    Damm, you got me.
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    I think I was just randomly putting in addresses with programming, and though, hey "C Programming!"

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    ahh that could also have been it... and gee, i don't know i forgot! i'm getting old!!!
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    I got pised at the search engine, so I typed in what I wanted
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    I'm pretty sure I found it throught Google... while I was supposed to be doing more important things in class
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    ah yes you could call me an old timer too...

    been around since the old board days...

    i remember how i came to find this site

    I wanted to find a good site that gave me information on several C++ topics. The first site I tried was , but that site had not even been created yet. (It has been created now, but it isnt that great of a site if you ask me).

    So then I went to altavista and did a search, found this site...and have been here ever since...
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    I'm another one for Damn search engine knows everything

    I was originally interested in the Journel Newsletter, but since I've signed up, I haven't received one.... but whilst waiting I decided to help out and answer a couple of questions on the C board......
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    i never searched in a search was just random url typing in the old address bar and that's how i found this site!
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    Yahoo. Needed help on a C problem. It's been awhiles ago but now I understand the joy of posting on these boards

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    umm... i think it was through but I can't be sure about that... i might have just typed it in looking for programming resources.

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    Being the uB3|2 1337 h@X0r I am, I typed in

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    Well, I search for C++ at

    (In the list of links of it was)
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