Thread: Someone's using "CrystalSky"

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    Someone's using "CrystalSky"

    CrystalSky, HA! That's like a girl's name.

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    Taken from CrystalSky's sig

    :: you are my melody * thats where you take me ::

    { a M a Z i N g | A r T i S t s }
    ++ t.ori:::..a.m..o.s
    ++ g..eor..g..e

    M y : T o p : 5
    0 5 . W h e n Y o u L o o k A t M e // C h r i s t i n a M i l i a n
    0 4 . A T h o u s a n d M i l e s // V a n e s s a C a r l t o n
    0 3 . B o y s [r e m i x] // B r i t n e y S p e a r s
    0 2 . C o m p l i c a t e d // A v r i l L a v i g n e
    0 1 . A S o r t a F a i r y t a l e // T o r i A m o s a good book, i can't put this to bed...
    - - - - - Tori Amos
    Are you sure it's not you LOL!!!!!

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    To slow to bother loading. Don't worry about it.
    Wave upon wave of demented avengers march cheerfully out of obscurity unto the dream.

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