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    Are people so afraid to lose a few precious seconds of their life if they type u, instead of you, or l8er instead of later, etc. They are just lazy. I think that type of typing should be left in chats, but if people are so accustomed to it, and it makes it easier to use their lingo, im all for it.

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    I see it as practice, experience, the more I type the better I get. Within the last year or so I learned to use all my fingers

    Also, I can't stand people who type like that... although I find the more experience someone has with the internet, the less abbreviations are used.

    Also, most don't realize what morons they look like... and most of them probably don't care. (Like those who use the internet souly for Chat, Gamez, Porn)

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    Originally posted by Prelude
    >Florida's not known for getting ideas across clearly ("Punch the hole next to the candidate of your choice").
    Perhaps it isn't as much the message as the people reading it. That simple instruction makes perfect sense to me and I have no doubt I could follow it even at a hectic time like the election.

    Yes, I was just taking an easy shot at Florida. There was enough other election hijinks there to make my post a cheap shot. Sad when an election comes down to hijacking a few hundred votes (no matter who you believe hijacked/tried to hijack them).
    Maybe it's because I was a Humanities major at college (uni, for you Brits), but I see no reason people in/coming out of/done with high school (don't know what you Brits call it - A levels?) can't string together a reasonable sentence with reasonable spelling. Not perfect. Just fairly understandable.
    The chat level stuff just makes you look stupid, and a neophyte AOL'er. If you post to the board, presumably you want to be understood by others. Use understandable language.

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    Online chatting is so passé. How many times can one be asked "a/s/l" and not feel like venting his/her frustrations in the form of some well selected profanities?

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    Personally I actually find it easier (and thus faster) to type 'later' over 'l8er'. I have simular results with various other 'short cuts'. I type somewhere around 70-75 words per minute but only when I'm not trying. The fingers know what to do. When actually thinking about the words, I tend to slow down.

    I feel that since we're communicating in an already limited medium, why would we wish to further reduce the information we convey? Abbreviating the hell out of everything causes the sentance to lose all sense of flow.

    Excessive use of non-intuitive whitespace, extremly long elipses, and repetetive exclamation or quesion marks will also cause an electronic conversation to feel abrupt and fractured.

    But what the heck; If I can read it, I dont really care. It just feels like more of a real conversation (and thus, a real person on the other end of the cable) when the commuication flows nicely.
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    This is off the point but does anyone know of any typing apps that teach you type properly?

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    >This is off the point but does anyone know of any typing apps that teach you type properly?
    When all else fails, read the instructions.
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    Originally posted by The Dog
    This is off the point but does anyone know of any typing apps that teach you type properly?
    I am sorry, but it is 'typing applications'....

    [humorous sarcasm]

    Please do not shorten words because it makes Govtcheez very mad, and we all know the world revolves around him.

    [/humorous sarcasm]

    (I have been feeling ZESTY lately.)

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    > (I have been feeling ZESTY lately.)

    One entry found for zesty.

    [color=dark-blue]Main Entry:[/color] zesty
    [color=dark-blue]Pronunciation:[/color] 'zes-tE
    [color=dark-blue]Function:[/color] adjective
    [color=dark-blue]Inflected Form(s):[/color] zestˇiˇer; -est
    [color=dark-blue]Date:[/color] 1930
    [color=dark-blue]:[/color] having or characterized by zest

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    I'm glad someone finally did a post on this. Sometimes it is easy to tell by the word and the mistake if it's just a typing error. If it's just a person's style, then I usually don't mind as long as the meaning is clear. However, if the meaning is not clear, I lose interest fast and don't care to keep reading.


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    >One entry found for zesty.

    Main Entry: zesty
    Pronunciation: 'zes-tE
    Function: adjective
    Inflected Form(s): zestˇiˇer; -est
    Date: 1930
    : having or characterized by zest<

    Oh really? Sheesh I that was character of a half eaten banana section of a make-shift David in contraposto!!! Wow, phew... thanks for clarifying!
    hasafraggin shizigishin oppashigger...

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    Hey I dont consider it laziness. Imagine trying to type every last character if your beating the time limit alloted to you by the manager of the Internet cafe you're in. nyway, the ideas are still understandable even when expressed in such shortcut method.

    Shortcuts are necessary. If you can't finish what you're typing, then you might as well not type it at all.
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    >The members of this board aren't just members of this
    >board...they also participate in chats etc...

    Not all.

    Posts in which the mentioned "words" like ppl are sometimes hard for me to understand, note that English is not my first language and I'm not the only one. I can imagine that a lot of people like me, who have just little mastering of the English language and who aren't familiar with the chat-language are confused when they see things like that.

    This doesn't mean that I am against using such words, but it makes things often harder to understand.

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