Thread: Bin Laden: Dead or alive?

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    I think OBL is live and [hardly] kicking somewhere in Pakistan... but the tought that he could be here in the States in not all that scary, the man himself is not anywhere as dangerous as the organization.
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    >>if he was dead or captured the government wouldnt tell us.
    What, miss out on all that prestiege, popularity and more importantly VOTES. I don't think so.
    However, the intelligence comunity (CIA,NSA,...) and the military don't need votes, and as long as this "war on terrorism" continues they get huge budget increases. Now i know your going to say that the President would tell everyone because he would want the votes. However, its not that hard for them to keep it a secret from the President. Its a little know fact that the President's security clearence is somthing like being on a need to know basis. So it is possible for the Intelligence comunity to keep it a secret, even from the President

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    crazy people would shoot any arab
    - Exterria.
    Right after September 11th, I knew this would happen, it was inevitable, and sure enough, 45 days later, a man wearing a turbin (sp?) get's up to go to the bathroom shortly after take-off and is tackled by half the plane! Well I'm just sorry for all you Arab immigrants - you guys are having to put up with a ton of racism I bet.

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    you guys are having to put up with a ton of racism I bet.
    sad but true, a small or maybe not so small number of Arabs have atracted a huge amount of negative attention upon the entire people.

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    No, I know you were joking. My point still stands.

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    i think osama is still alive, plotting his next attack. The thing makes me wonder though, how can he escape? even if he died, how come troops and technologies from the two of the most (militarily)powerful countries weren't able to find him?
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    >>EDIT :: I wrote this with Dalren's theory somewhere in my mind

    YES!!!, only 5,999,999,998 people to go, soon i will control the world.

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