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    coding time

    when is the best time for you to code? my most productive time is around 2am. When do yu write your best code?
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    Any time after the morning has finished, although unless I'm tired the later the better.

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    After work...

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    at night lol

    i'm just not a morning person!
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    The most productive times coding ?

    Weekends at work.
    No one at work is bothering you, because only
    a few poor overworked coders are here.
    No one calls you because you aren't at home.
    The colleagues to help planning are right there,
    and no one is distracting them.
    Databases are fast as hell, as you are the only
    user. No one cares if you eat a pizza at your desk.
    No cleaning personal to vacuum right behind you
    while you have your most brilliant ideas... and forget
    them. Best coding equipment and tools.

    Okay, so don't tell my boss. I like my weekends
    as they are... free of work

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