Thread: Microsoft? And what....?

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    I've been running XP almost constantly for almsot 6 months now, and I've never had it bluescreen on me, and I've never had it reboot on me either.

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    But I have also noticed that Open Source produces better software.
    It is not necessarily better in terms of quality. Note that a lot of open source programmers also are professional programmers. Do you really think that their commercial software is worse than their open source software?

    If a security hole is found, it is fixed immediately to the next distribution.
    At our company, we love our clients. If they report a bug or want something to be changed, then we'll do that as soon as possible.

    The reason why this cycle takes more time at Microsoft is that they are monopolist. If there is a bug, the client has to wait, they have no other choice. So they can afford them to let the customer wait. The client can switch to a different OS, but that would mean the clients complete environment must be adapted to the other OS which could cost a lot of money and effort.

    The fact is that most home users have never seen Linux.
    One can wonder is most home users need it. Most home users use their PC for doing things like internet, e-mail and word-processing. And then Windows is fine. For technical things like programming things are different, but most home users don't do such things with their computer.

    Microsoft will severely restrict your freedom to understand and develop software
    Why? As a programmer (or non-programmer) you can choose from a lot of other operating systems. You restrict yourself if you focus on Microsoft.

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    One of the most annoying things about Microsoft for me is the way in which they have incorporated the internet explorer browser into their operating systems. Therefore, other browsers such as Netscape have had to provide their software for free to try and compete with Microsoft. To make it fairer to other companies and to try and break Microsoft’s monopoly, their company should be broken down into different sections for different types of software. There’s probably nothing much a court could do about this problem.
    Be a leader and not a follower.

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    Monopolies are made for a reason. That reason is, from a start, good products at a reasonable price.

    Now yes, over time it will probably change because the once great company is now the only company who has made enough money to keep their name in the citizen's minds, and therefor the products don't matter much.

    Most people think microsoft=windows and fail to realize how many other products they make. Just look at this conversation, most of it has been about Windows. Yes, this is a very important product, but it's not their only thing

    We are flooded with Microsoft things everywhere. Places you wouldn't think of microsoft being. Who makes the mouse you are using right now? Mine is a Microsoft It works great. What about your games? Who makes your favorites? My favorite motocross game (that I own) is by, of course, Microsoft. For as old as Motocross madness is, the gameplay behind it is awesome. Well, you get my point They are a very big company, with many products, and most often the "worst" ones are what seemingly makes them bad. I bet you have a ton of stuff made by Microsoft, or have used a ton of stuff (ATM macines for example) which are Microsoft involved, and never thought it was crappy.

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    My keyboard and mouse is logitech. No, a monopoly is not a good thing. The reasons for this are described in antitrust law. Some bad things are going to result in the future because the company will turn to violence. It has too much at stake.

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    >> Well, before nVidia came around, they actually were.

    Yes, keyword being were

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    I really...really like office XP and of course windows xp. They are *clean if you know what i mean. AND i love office XP because it's got a very good feature: speech recognition. The accuracy is pretty good you know.

    I've got linux myself too. It's pretty good except some things are harder to configure than others. I use slackware.

    Fountain what are some other *cool XP programs you got? i'm interested ^_^.

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