Thread: friday night coding with mind numbing music

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    Post friday night coding with mind numbing music

    well....its friday home at 9:30 from work...and all my friends are already out doing stuff...

    and most of em are in i dont wanna just walk in during the middle of a movie...maybe when the movie gets out i could join them though...

    but anyways, so for right now i have absolutley nothing to do on this friday night...

    so what happens?

    i code...

    it is the only thing to do...

    but coding away alone with no contact to the outside world is kind of lonely and i must spice it up...

    so i get online and talk to any person who just by some slim chance might be online on a friday night...and there are not many...let me tell you that....and i turn on the mind numbing rave music which leads your mind into a single minded trance and blocks out all other external messages so i am immersed in coding and circling...ever so circling....rave music....
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    I have spent many a night in similar trances. MMMMM, trance music is good. MMMMM C++ is good. So is toast. Those three together make a perfect night. Who needs people when I have cout<<
    -Kyoto Oshiro

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    Well, i suppose you never thought of buying a crate of Stella then?

    Or are you too young as well?
    Such is life.

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