Thread: problem with maxtor 120 GB extern HD

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    problem with maxtor 120 GB extern HD

    i bought a 120GB externalHD recently and have moved all of my mp3's to that thing, but when I listen to them off the HD sometimes they sound po(o)ppy. Also, when im doing something that requires alot of disk activity, ther is alot more pops and static in the file.

    I originally thought it was caused by either the slow disk access, or the fact that it uses a USB1.1 connection . But that theory seems unlikely, or at least incomplete, since when Im listening to an mp3 that I burned to a cd, sometimes there are still pops and crap in the song because of the HD (the pops are synchronized to the red flashing light on the HD!!).

    Does anyone know a solution to this prooblem? Will a faster data transfer work (the HD is compatible with USB2.0 which is supposed to be 40x faster)

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    Sorry, I don't have a solution, but damn, 120Gb!!!! What can you possibly need that much space for?!!

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    Can you enable the DMA on an external drive?

    What OS are you using?

    Have you tested the drive is performing up to the speeds needed? Sound like it is slow or DMA not enabled.
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    I'd agree with novacain. And for heaven's sake... if you can utilize the USB 2.0 functionality, do so ASAP. That could even solve your problem.

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